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Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy- Any email communication regarding information, enquiries and/or including our designs, the design process and our design templates are to be kept private. Therefore are not to be shared on any public platforms or forms of social media. For copyright reasons- we do not want our private information, bespoke templates, methods of working and our creative artwork readily available for our competitors to see and potentially copy or use the data. This is also to protect our customers private information and data, as well as protecting a customers bespoke design from being exposed, copied or seen by our competitors. We do not share any of the above information regarding a customer’s unique, bespoke design until after production and we respect you to do the same.

We reserve the right to ask you to remove any content that we feel may breach these terms. We also reserve the right to dis-continue any order if we feel in-appropriate conduct occurs.


Designs- When in the process of making a Custom made piece or personalising of a garment, you will receive a digital design template from our designer. Once a design has been created and approved both by the customer and our designer, we will ask you to sign-off the template. Once a sign-off on the design has been approved by the customer, no further changes or updates can be made. This is because the item will start being produced/ be in the production process. We do not offer a refund if you have changed your mind after this point.

All design templates are to be used as a guide only. All of our designs are totally handmade in production, therefore this cannot be 100% accurately depicted on the digital design template. They are to be used as a visual aid only and to help give the customer a more visual understanding of their design. The designer will help to explain each element of the design in the notes found at the bottom of the  template. Please read these very carefully and check all information is accurate before you approve/ sign-off your design. We do not offer a refund if the finished piece looks slightly different in the flesh when compared to the digital design for the above reasons.


Delivery- We are not responsible for any items in the delivery process. Once they are posted they are out of our care.

UK Delivery – Please see our Delivery and Returns page for more info on this.

Delivery outside of the UK – Please see our Delivery and Returns page for more info on this.

Sending your items to us for Personalising or Customising – We do not cover the cost of a customer posting an item to us. We are not responsible for any items during the postal process when sending an item to REDFOX COLLECTIVE until they are in our care. We recommend sending your parcel by means that includes proof of delivery, tracking, and includes compensation for loss or damage during delivery.


Refunds- Any bespoke, limited edition, Custom made or personalised items are non-refundable.

A custom order means it is being designed, customised, produced and made solely and specifically for the customer to their own bespoke design. For these reasons, we do not accept refunds due to the nature of this type of garment.

Our denim jackets are Grade A vintage quality, which means that the items are of the highest vintage quality and in excellent condition, but please be aware this means that they could come with a few imperfections as they are not brand new. We do not offer a refund if a jacket has any imperfections due to its vintage nature.

All custom and bespoke designs are painstakingly handmade with love, care, and a lot of time put in by our talented creatives, so please follow the washing and handling guidelines carefully to ensure the longevity of your garment. (Found in our FAQ’s and in the care label inside your item). We do not accept refunds for items where the washing or handling instructions have not been followed correctly.

We do not accept refunds for items that have not been looked after properly with due care, or due to general wear and tear. We reserve the right to make the final decision as to whether we feel the product falls within these terms or not for a refund.


General- We reserve the right to cancel any contract at any point with a customer, at any stage of the process or contact, if we feel any of the above Terms and Conditions have been breached or not followed correctly.


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